55 Wythe Street, Brooklyn

22-story 200-room hotel with kitchen, laundry and ballroom

150,000 sf

7-story residential building

19,571 sf

6-story mixed use building with 20 dwelling units

17,916 sf

7-story mixed use building with 42 apartments and accessory parking for 22 cars

48,146 sf

7-story and cellar building for medical center near Columbia University Medical School. Work in progress.

11,854 sf

New multi family Residential building.
Work in progress.

5-story residential building with 29 dwelling units

31,559 sf

6-story building with 44 residential apartments, 22 self-parked parking spaces and community facility

29,996 sf

10-story mixed residential/commercial building

16,282 sf

Eight-story residential building

15,459 sf